No, I won't work for you Monday-Friday.

But I'll do something better.

Have you noticed that most "agile" shops end up in a never-ending

sprint? They begin one sprint on the day that another ends.

Newsflash: That's not what "sprint" means. The metaphor is lost.

A team member can appear before you every day, but can

they continue to seriously play rough? For how long?

For me, the answer is one week each month.

(maybe one week out of three.)

Forget sprinting.

Think of me as a relief pitcher.

I can continue to throw the heat

when your other devs start to slow down.

Doing TDD?

I'll make your tests pass. Better yet, I'll write the

failing tests that show you where you really are.

Writing Docs for your API?

You need a recurring pair of fresh eyes.

On a deadline?

I love those.

I submit to you that programming, more than any other art,

requires that you step back for a while and come back fresh

to battle the most difficult problems.

If I know that I can rest after a week, I can give you my

entire gas tank. Heck, I'll bring a pillow and pull all-

nighters with your team if that's your thing.

Available Octoberish.
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